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after school program for teens

A probable source of most teens for drugs is their own parents or relatives. Of course, friends and teachers can also be ruled out as probable drug sources for teens. Irregardless of the source, teens can be prevented from going directly to their source of drugs with a quality after school rehab program. What can be put as an after school rehab program are intervention programs that discuss psychological disorders that develop due expressly to drug abuse.

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Psychological disorders due to drug abuse can include some or all of these diagnosable mental health disorders:

  • Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Paranoia
  • Abuse Disorders
  • Inferiority Complexes
  • Aggressive or Intermittent Explosive Disorders

After School Rehab Programs For Teens

The teen undergoing rehab will still have to return to his normal living conditions following the rehab program. What he can take with him from the rehab counselors is the feeling and assurance that there are people in the community, people with as much power as their drug providers who know about them and can intervene for them when needed. Placing a buffer between teens in rehab and their drug providers who might very well be people they live with takes authority on the part of the rehab program providers. That means that those providers can take away and jail drug contacts that the teen uses to get his drugs. While that might mean possibly putting the teen in rehab into a dangerous situation, it can be done to ensure that the teen is not the informant.

If the teen in rehab can be counseled and provided with programs that fill in his need for acceptance and for belonging, he or she may be able to stay off of drugs without law intervention at the source of his drug consumption. A part of a drug rehab program should be an evaluation of the teen to determine his need for drugs as being either social or as being medicinal. If the teen is self medicating on street drugs to treat a physical disorder or to treat a clinical mental disorder, the teen should be referred to a physician or to a psychiatrist for treatment before continuing with the after school rehab programs.

Call our helpline at 888 679-0952
for help finding a teen drug rehab program.

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